What is the Carrier Hub on my Phone?

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The carrier hub app is one of the apps that provide features that are not available on the android devices like voice-over Wi-Fi. This feature is making the strong relationship between the mobile carriers and their clients so that it would be easy for them to solve their requests. The user can easily use this feature on their mobile apps directly. This feature is very easy to use and install. The carrier hub Android is pre-installed or available in the Google Play Store. This app offers the personal features which are not available in stock on Android devices. You would be glad to know that these services are provided by Sprint and T-Mobile networks. If you know that your device is not having this feature then you have to install it and have a good experience. 

What permissions are required for the carrier hub?

There are various permissions that a carrier hub android requires. Some of the permissions are:

  1. Location: Through this application, the user would be able to get an accurate approximation of the GPS.

  2. Device history: This would allow the user to access the sensitive logs as well as usage logs.

  3. Storage: This feature allows the user to access, modify, and delete the data which is available in the storage.

  4. Network: This permission is required for accessing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and many more.

  5. Call information and device ID: Through this permission, it will allow access to device identity and call history. 

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This is a free website created with hPage.com.