Does email still work?

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The answer is yes, the email still works. The user can get into their AT&T account via or by email app or software. If you wish to check your login

Then simply visit and then select mail and then type your email and password. Once you have entered the mail id and password then enter the authentication code and it is sent to you. Then submit it and access your at&t account.

Moreover, if you want to use an email app or software and not the website due to any reason. Then you just have to establish the at&t email on your digital device. The instructions for the same can be found on the AT&T email support website. 

The information given in this blog is based on the information given on Web Scrape. Just remember to consult with at&t website or contact their customer care representative for up to date content. 

How to att mail login online?

We guide you on att email login via the web browser.

* open your browser which may be Chrome or Firefox or Safari as per your preference.

* then in the address bar type and enter

* Then click on the email option or mail option.

* then click on the sign-in or login button.

* Enter your credentials 

If the credentials are correct then you will be logged into the email. 

Just be sure to keep the credentials safe and logout once the work is over especially when you are not using your password-secured device. 

Please remember that this is a general guide and the steps you face have to be a little different due to any update or changes on att net login. So also take reference of at&t website. 

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