How to Fix Temporarily Locked Facebook Account?

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Facebook account is the world's largest social media platform which provides the users features like chatting, making friends, connecting with people, sharing posts and other things through your account, and many others. But recently there have been complaints from the side of the users like “Facebook locked me out”. 

Temporarily Locked Facebook account 

Before getting to the point let us first understand what is a Facebook account temporarily locked? If Facebook finds anything suspicious with your Facebook account there is a possibility that your “Facebook account locked” but before that Facebook will give you a chance and will ask for authentication. This step is taken by Facebook to control the malicious contents on the platform. 

Possible reasons for the locked out account 

There could be several reasons responsible for the lock of your Facebook account like – 

  1. If your account has been reported for abusive content, comment or message then Facebook would lock your account. 

  2. If there is a spam of posts from your account in the name of promotion then also your account could be blocked. 

  3. If you fail to prove the authentication of your account even after when Facebook asks for “Facebook account locked confirm identity”

  4. If you have unintentionally shared a content which has been marked as spam. 

Way to fix the problem of locked out account 

If you are wondering how to unlock Facebook accountthen do not worry there are several ways for it too which we have mentioned below?

  1. Firstly you have to clear the cache data and also the browser history after which you are advised to visit the official page of Facebook and fill up your login credentials. 

  2. You might be asked some security questions too when you are trying to access your Facebook account and you have to answer the questions asked carefully and also double check it. 

  3. If you have the entire question asked by Facebook correctly then you will be given access to your Facebook account and you can use it without any problem. 

Things to avoid doing when you get your Facebook account back 

  1. Ensure that you are not engaged in any restricted activities using your account. 

  2. Make sure not to login into your account using multiple devices; it might get your account blocked again. 

  3. Avoid posting any suspicious content from your account so that you won’t violate any rules of Fb.

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