The Best top 5 password managers in 2022

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Being online is easy but when we talk about safety and security we lack.

We still use "ourname123" type passwords or reuse the same password everywhere.

Let us elaborate!

We all have numerous online accounts that we have created and there is a very high chance that we have a weak or rescued password for other sites and services.

It looks handy no?

Here's the concern, though it is convenient it comes with a higher chance of risk that affects your personal and work life.

With the increasing number of cybercrime, demand for password managers has also increased.

But What are password managers?

Password managers are a way to keep track of all your online login credentials whilst also ensuring they stay safe. It not only saves you the effort of remembering the numerous passwords of your different accounts but also assists in generating a secure password for your accounts.

So, how can you find your desired Password manager?

You can not just select any password manager without checking its features and credibility.

After all, it's a matter of your safety.

Don't worry you don't have to go anywhere or research for hours to find the best password managers.

We have made a list of best password managers including both free and paid that you can consume.

List of some of the best-paid Password managers:-







Now we head to the list of some of the best free password manager





The Takeaway

As we said above, being online safe and secure is not that much difficult but we often reuse the same password or create weak passwords and as cybercrime has been increasing rapidly, people are starting to take password manager services. The best password manager app will not keep track of your online sign-in credentials but also helps you to create a strong password. It will eventually safeguard all your details and things related to work. If you would have to take our opinion, we will suggest you either create a very strong password for every online account or just be tension free and let the password manager handle choice is yours.

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